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Why Choose Steri-Clean?

Steri-Clean was established in 1995 as one of the first trauma scene cleanup companies in California and the Nation. With numerous employees, vehicles and offices throughout California, there is nothing we can't do. We are contracted by numerous cities and counties as well as management companies, hotels, and Fortune 500 companies. Our company is now considered the industry leader for biohazard services.

Steri-Clean is a nationwide, multiple award winning company that specializes in difficult and extreme cleaning needs. With dozens of offices throughout the country, we can respond quickly and efficiently to most of the United States. 


Steri-Clean prides itself on its reputation is an industry leader, while providing affordable and professional services. Our Steri-Clean call center inside our corporate office is open 7 days a week to assist you. 

Steri-Clean Discretion

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Steri-Clean offices, throughout the country, protect our customers image by providing discreet vans and uniforms. We do not advertise our services on our vehicles so neighbors, employees, media, and anyone else has no idea why we are there. We are here for you in your time of need, and will give up any advertising while out in public so your reputation is protected. 

Steri-Clean Awards

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Steri-Clean is a multi award winning, nationwide leader in the cleaning industry. In fact Steri-Clean awards include Entrepreneur of the Year, Community Service Awared, and even national recognition from the United States Congress and Assembly! We are proud of the reputation we have had developed over the past quarter century and will continue doing so. If you are looking for a highly trained, certified, and reputable company, you have found us!

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