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Pigeons love nesting in attics, on patios, decks, rooftops, and cell towers. Pigeons unfortunately are extremely messy leaving pigeon waste and nesting materials covering most of the surfaces they inhabit. Many diseases and organisms can be transferred through pigeon droppings and waste. Histoplasmosis is a major concern when around many types of bird droppings including pigeons, starlings, bats, chickens and more. Histoplasmosis thrives in dark, cool environments which is typically where pigeons tend to build their nests. Steri-Clean receives hundreds of calls each year to clean and apply the appropriate disinfectant to destroy Histoplasmosis, leaving the area clean and safe for occupancy. Commercial rooftops and cell towers are the most common cleaning request we get outside of residences and we work hard to work without interrupting our business customers. Pigeon cleanup can be accomplished quickly and safely but should never be performed by an untrained person or company.


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