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Rodent Waste Cleanup Services

Rodent Droppings Cleanup - Why Hire a Company?
Rodents can cause havoc in homes, businesses, cars, storage units, RV's, and more. Steri-Clean responds all of the country to assist people in proper rodent droppings cleanup and applying the appropriate disinfectants to assure serious and deadly viruses like Hantavirus, Histoplasmosis, Leptospirosis, and more.  When rodents invade our space, they do so looking for food and shelter, but unfortunately, bring many diseases with them through rodent droppings and waste left behind. It is imperative that rodent droppings cleanup is performed by a company that is trained in these zoonotic diseases, and how to properly clean them.


Did you know that when homeowners attempt rodent droppings cleanup they do so by sweeping and vacuuming? While these seem like the obvious way to clean up rodent waste, it, unfortunately, stirs up viruses and bacteria particles making them airborne which is exactly how Hantavirus and many diseases are transmitted. Don't become a statistic!  Steri-Clean's rodent waste and droppings cleanup services are affordable and thorough, and prevent unsuspecting people from getting sick,  or even worse.


Read through our site to learn more about mouse droppings cleanup, rat droppings cleanup, pigeon waste cleanup, squirrel cleanup, bat guano cleanup and more, or call to talk to a professional rodent cleanup technician today. 

Our Services
Our Services

For more information on specific rodent droppings clean-up services, please click on one of the boxes below. We look forward to providing you with the best quality services and are here to answer your call 7 days a week. 


“We visited my mother's vacation home and found an awful rodent mess in the basement. We called
Steri-Clean and they gave us a quote on the phone and had the waste and droppings cleaned up the next day.”

Joann Hendersen, Homeowner

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